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We help simplify transcription, so you can make better decisions, and do great work.

Super-fast, affordable transcriptions

TranscribeMyaudio.ai is an AI transcription platform that seeks to help individuals and organisations increase their productivity and efficiency by providing automated transcriptions and qualitative analysis tools. By using TranscribeMyAudio.ai lawyers, journalists, consultants, podcasters can record, edit analyse and share valuable information and insights with speed.

Organisations that conduct meetings and interviews should transcribe interviews to make them searchable for when you need to look back quickly or to do further analysis on a specific topic. Catalougue all your meetings with the ability to gain insight from your historical data year after year. Increase your organisation's net value by amplifying your organisational skills.

Please reach out to us at support@transcribemyaudio.ai if you would like more information


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Some of the messages our customers have written about our service overtime

Easy to follow and use. Highly recommend it to people who take notes and minutes

Vikash from Mideshare

Really affordable, fast and easy to use off the fly. Big fan!

David from Sony

TranscribeMyAudio.ai transcribes correctly 90% of the time, which I am quite pleased about.

Paul at Accenture

As a long term user of TranscribeMyaudio.ai, the quality of the transcriptions has been only increasing.

Will from Chartered Institute of Linguists