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Extract actionable insights from your interviews faster. can transcribe an hour of audio file in 15-20 mins. Our online interactive editor allows you to make edits and analyse your transcriptions with ease. Giving you the ability to categorise key themes and ideas which can be easily shared with your peers for further input.

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Highlight and annotate the key moments of the interview to extract and identify new insights.

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Share your annotated transcripts with colleagues which can be opened with our online interactive editor to quickly get them up to speed with new insights.

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Easy to follow and use. Highly recommend it to people who take notes and minutes

Vikash from Mideshare

Really affordable, fast and easy to use off the fly. Big fan!

David from Sony
Santos transcribes correctly 90% of the time, which I am quite pleased about.

Paul at Accenture

As a long term user of, the quality of the transcriptions has been only increasing.

Will from Chartered Institute of Linguists

Streamline your workflow

Automated transcription with repeatable analysis

A.I powered Transcriptions

We transcribe full verbatim with accurate punctuation for better readability. We can transcribe an hour of audio file in 15-20 minutes.


We are able to differentiate the speakers present in the audio automatically. Each paragraph is timestamped with the correct speaker throughout the transcription.

Organise your transcripts

All your transcriptions, notes and annotations can be saved to be loaded later on using our online interactive editor at any point in time for further edits and analysis.


Identify and categorise key themes and ideas by simply phrases and sentences using our online editor platform. Extract new insights quickly to share with your peers.


Export your transcriptions to more familiar formats such as Word Document and Excel Spreadsheet. Extract your highlighted themes with the correct timstamps to Excel Spreadsheet for further processing and analysis.


All our communication is encrypted using TLS (Transport Security Layer) and our payment gateways are PCI compliant. Our cloud provider maintain several compliance programs, such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA/HITECH, FedRAMP and FISMA.



What is A.I transcription? uses Artificial Intelligence models to spot words and sentences in audio to automatically transcribe them. This results in saving a lot of time and cost which can supercharge productivity in any organisation!


How long does it take to transcribe?

Upon uploading your audio, you should expect to get your transcription within minutes. An hour long audio file will be transcribed within 15-20 minutes, whereas a human transcriptionist would take more than an hour.


How are the payment processes secured?

All our payments processes is handled by Paypal which is an international secure payment provider. does not store any of your sensitive payment data as it is encrypted and secured via Paypal.


What is the accuracy of the transcriptions?

The accuracy for transcriptions is between 80-98%. The accuracy will generally fall to the lower threshold if the audio quality is low. To get the most out of your transcriptions make sure to record your interviews indoors and to speak into the mic properly.


Do you provide timestamps?

Yes, all our transcription come with timestamps and are full verbatim. Transcript text is synced with audio per word, so you can click on any word and play that point in the audio when using our online interactive editor.


Can you transcribe multi-speaker files?

We can transcribe multi-speaker files for which we charge the same price. We indicate "speaker 1", "speaker 2", etc. where applicable in the transcriptions.

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